0007 Christmas At Guantanamo Bay

and yeah, I ate too much
but this dream
a guy in a red suit
came from a nowhere sorta somewhere
right on midnight unlocked the gates
and I guess magicked the shackles off

they streamed out the gates
except for some who felt
the company was better inside than outside

one guy mugged for the first cellphone he could
then didn’t know how to use it

most of the guys went for a woman, women,
but some changed their minds
when it came to it

some just knelt and prayed

some asked the way to the nearest mosque

some spat at everyone they saw
until they ran out of spit

one or two just smiled at everyone
even got a few smiles back cautious like

as they spread out I had a problem
which one to follow
which one would tell me most
by their actions
about truth and justice and stuff

then I woke up of course

by Michael Shepherd

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Frightening, from all points of view. I still wanted to reread it. Linda