0007 War: One For Frank And Whomsoever

There was peace
before there was war
that's when two parties
fight for 'peace'

and after the war
there are two losers

though one believes itself
the winner
and perhaps that
is the most dangerous belief

and which god ever
declared war on men?

if every woman in the world
refused war
the men would not have a chance in hell
the hell of their own making

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

Yes Michael, 'tis true about the Women, as there is always strength in numbers & in this scenario it appears to be a simple matter of populus...There are more Women than Men, on this Circus, also called Earth, and Thank GOD for this, as if we weren't allowed to go to War, we'd have plenty of time on our hands to.............. A Fine Penning, Michael'''''''''''''''''''''''frank
Ah, so true, and so eloquently put... as for the end, though, there is of course the difficulty of ascertaining what sex a person is. I'm thinking Thatcher here of course. Behind every great man there's a great woman. Behind evey great world leader there's... oh... hold on, there aren't any. Grand write as ever m. t xxxx