MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! 0009 Thank God It's Friday

I’m on night shift at the moment so
I miss the local news. But
I take the dog up the hill, there’s
usually something going on.

there were three of them up
there today but I must have
missed the excitement; just
two old ladies and a young man
standing on that huge pile of skulls
waiting there beneath them
for the inevitable

they were telling each other
Jewish jokes to keep their
spirit up. I only caught
one joke – ‘they say that
Jews are just like
other people - only
more so…’

Laugh? I thought the One
in the middle would die

I was halfway back when
It all went dark

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Comments (4)

not sure i get this, but like the imagery. I personally find Jewish jokes offensive even tho i'm not one. There is an underlying feeling of alienation in all this.
'Taa ever so' they used to say, Ronberge -it was a sorta polite form...
Seems the line originates from a guy named David Ben-Gurion. Used to be Prime minister of Israel among other things... R.
The line isn't originally mine. I found it in 'Peter's Quotations' from J. Lawrence Peter (y'know the Peter Principle..) I don't recall who the originator is. I gave away the book to a friend who devored it incessantly, the receptionist who took the call in my 'When a stranger calls' piece' All the best...What did that delightful black english girl told me once? Ah yess 'Taaa' ; -) R.