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Sonnet: Home, Sweet Home

Is there a lovelier place than home on earth?
–Where joys and sorrows members share with love;
Where siblings share the house-hold chores with mirth;
Where life goes on with sanity somehow!

What pleasantness prevails when parents rule!
What harmony and peace is spread with cheer!
What learning happens much more than in school!
What birthday cakes are cut by near and dear!

The mother slogs to prepare dainty foods;
The father toils to earn the extra sum;
The children work to keep the inmates’ moods;
The baby makes all people look less glum!

One’s home is sweet no matter big or small –
Where you can sleep and dream despite mom’s call!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 8-10-2013

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lovely poem...very heart warming story of a dog an a man...10+++++
: -) Love this - brought back memories - well captured imagery in a neat style.
This is like made of yeast. This dog is so adorable. Great poem indeed. Should you join any poet books?
This was such a sweet poem. I couldn't help but smile as I read it.
I like the poem. Dogs are best of friends with their owners, very loyal and faithful. If you spell its name backwards - it's god! . No wonder. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.
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