0010.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 9

Poem By rajagopal. h..

To Cure the disease of Hunger

Tamil Transliteration

Karuththana endhaithan kannan
Vannak kanagaverpir
Peruththana paalazhum pillaikku
Nalghina perarulkur
Thiruththana bhaaramum aaramum
Sengaich chilayum ambum
Muruththana mooralum neeyum am
Mevandhen munnirkave


Focus of my Lord, beheld in His eyes ever
Ye glittering golden mounts radiating light
Gracing the yearning child with thy nectar
Emanating from thy beautiful broad breasts
Garland oscillating between them
Mighty hands exhibiting arrow
My Mother materialize in front of me
Displaying your teeth pearls!

Simple Meaning

Abhirami! My Mother! Your noble and golden firm breasts occupy the mind and eyes of my Lord Siva. The very same breasts demonstrated your motherly love for the earthly creatures by feeding Gnana Sambandhar. Garland oscillates over those heavy mounts; your red hands hold the arrow and bow, your lips deliver smile; you appear before me in the above form


We can visualize multiple personality of Abhirami;
For Siva she is the beauty queen
For Gnana Sambandar and the world She is Divine Mother
For the devotee She is the preserver with weapons
Her graceful smile beholds Bhattar

I see the greatness of womenhood in these lines
Womenfolk, symbols of sacrifice take all the roles that are possible….

Mother, Sister, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Guide, Peace Maker, Administrator…. and what not ……
Bhattar is saluting womenhood through this stanza…. lets join him


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It is beyond my appreciation. beautifuly selected words! Gentle composition! May Amma bless you for this lovly work.

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