0010 Poemhunter And The Simplicity Of Freedom

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Poetry is about freedom.
The spirit of freedom.
The freedom of spirit.

You're free to post your poems here.
People are free to comment on them.
Or not.

You're free to air your views
on poetry rather than people, please
on the Forum
(named after a marketplace
sometimes used as
a place of public entertainment
and human slaughter)
and they're free
to disagree

simply, free -
unless, of course
you wanted something else as well?

Comments about 0010 Poemhunter And The Simplicity Of Freedom

Humour, wisdom, and meticulous wordsmithery - as ever. Freedom must be in the air tonight. Just drafted and posted one on it - minus the above attributes of course! Thanks for this Michael! ! jim
Simply put, absolute truth. Thank you. Kristina
The spirit of freedom - the freedom of spirit! The expression of poetry and poets just does NOT get any better than this. You have covered the whole discussion in eight words. I was right to name you Grandfather Wisdom! This is lovely!

2,4 out of 5
7 total ratings

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