0011 Senior Shitizen Or, Old Age

Poem By Michael Shepherd

You never did
sort yourself out
so there's no point now
going over all that

all you want to do
all you've got time for
is to open your arms
eyes heart etc
to everything,

hoping not too many people
laugh or make it
difficult for you
standing bemused
with open arms
on the traffic island
by the crossroad

Comments about 0011 Senior Shitizen Or, Old Age

Glad you got the Lollipop Man job Mikey. Should keep you out of mischief for a while. Danny
Michael....Is this about an old dog.? ..ahhh, thats a SHITSZU......I LIKE THIS PIECE...QUITE INVENTIVE...SIMPLE, YET LOTS TO SEE BETWEEN TH' LINES...ONCE AGAIN YOU IMPRESS, MICHAEL, AS PER ALWAYS...'''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/fjr....OOOPS, POP GOES MY CASING...ITS LATE... Give me a pass on this one, OK? !
I love this Michael! I like how it started out (I thought) pretty serious.....introspection on life, then ends up with such a vision! Made me smile this morning. Thank you! Sincerely, mary

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