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0012 We'Re Sorry - All Our Lines To Poemhunter Are Busy...
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0012 We'Re Sorry - All Our Lines To Poemhunter Are Busy...

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Your call is important to us.
Please hold the line.
A dedicated critic will answer your call
as soon as they finish with the last victim.

To help us to allocate an appropriate advisor
please choose one of the following options:

If this is the first poem you ever wrote
but you’re rather pleased with it,
press One

If you’ve just been dumped on,
and hope he’ll read this,
press Two

If this is a blatant suicide blackmail attempt,
press Three

If you never read anyone else’s poems here
but still want them to comment on yours,
press Four

If you think that rock and pop lyrics are the real 'poetry',
hang up and read some poetry instead..

If you just want to be noticed
and can’t even bother to write a poem,
press Five and
you will be connected to the Forum.

For all other ways of gaining attention,
press Sex

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Comments (8)

I Love that poem www.livelihood.com.ng
Laughing till my sides hurt, but still trying to figure out which key is mine!
jake, those guys get switched to the unending music loop which plays 'Who's sorry now? ' but misses the last line every time...they seldom call again...
Thanks for the chuckle, fun one! -chuck
Yeah, this pretty much sums it up. what about the people who don't get the recognition they feel they deserve? should they pull all their poems then call back a week later? Jake