0013.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 12

Poem By rajagopal. h..

To Have Constant Meditation

Tamil Transliteration

kanniyadhu unnpugazh karpadhu unn namam kasindhu baththi
panniyadhu unn iru paadham buyathil pagal irava
nanniyadhu unnai nayandhor avayaththu naan munn seidha
punniyam edhu enn amme puvi ezhayumpoothavale


Obsessed with thy glory
Enlightenment learning your names
Devotion imbibed in love is to your lotus feet
Alignment with the blessed souls dedicated, day in day out
My leftover noble deeds! In the reserve posterior!
My Mother Abhirami the protector! !
The creator of the seven stages of spirits!
Flowering the buds, Galaxies, the Universe!

Simple Meaning

Abhirami! Mother of the seven worlds! I always think about your greatness. I learn about your glorious names. I make bhakthi on your feet only. I am always associated with your devotees only. What good deeds have I done to attain this great status?


Knowledge, wisdom and bhakthi are sequential; Anhirami Bhattar is aligned with Abhirami in any sphere, as Abhirami Herself is the ultimate being.

The only thing that differentiates Hinduism from other religions is the belief that there are seven worlds through which the soul moves and the soul never dies. Soul moves through these seven worlds and its final salvation is when it merges with the paramatma. The soul moves from a body of one living thing to another based on the karma it does and punya and paapa that it accumulates. So it is basically a kind of negatives and positives getting cancelled and the final balance remaining +ve or -ve based on the sum total.

Any karma that a person does, does not have equal weightage. Some acts
get more +ve points and so on. Same with the negative acts also.


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