0014.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 13

Poem By rajagopal. h..

To Surrender unto my Mother

Tamil Transliteration

Poothavale bhuvanam padhinangaiyum pooththa vannam
Kaaththavale pin karandhavale karaikkandanukku
Mooththavale endrum moova mugundharkku ilaiyavale
Maaththavale unnai andri matror deivam vandhippadhe


Hey Abhirami! Thee Bloom of self-determination
Made the fourteen worlds desired by you,
Playing guardianship parallel
Blessing the same by consuming back
Ancestor to my Lord with poison retained throat
Younger to the evergreen protector blue tinted,
Embodiment of great penance
Where is the need for another God when you are there?

Simple Meaning

Abhirami is the mother of fourteen worlds; She is the preserver of those worlds also; She absorbed the same in Her; elder to Sadasivan who took poison; younger sister to the youthful Vishnu; Leader of great penance; where is the need for another God when you are there?


In the slogan 12 it was told that Abhirami is the mother of seven worlds; here in 13 it is indicated that Abhirami is the mother of fourteen worlds.
Hindu mythology defines fourteen worlds (not to be confused with planets) - seven higher worlds (heavens) and seven lower ones (hells) . (The earth is considered the lowest of the seven higher worlds.) All the worlds except the earth are used as temporary places of stay as follows: upon one's death on earth, the god of death (officially called 'Yama Dharma Raajaa' - Yama, the lord of justice) tallies the person's good/bad deeds while on earth and decides if the soul goes to heaven and/or hell, for how long, and in what capacity. Some versions of the mythology state that good and bad deeds neutralize each other and the soul therefore spends time in either a heaven or a hell, but not both, whereas according to another school of thought, the good and bad deeds don't cancel out each other. In either case, the soul acquires a body as appropriate to the worlds it enters. At the end of the soul's time in those worlds, it returns to the earth (is reborn as a life form on the earth) . It is considered that only from the earth, and only after a human life, can the soul reach supreme salvation, the state free from the cycle of birth and death and the place beyond the fourteen worlds where the eternal god lives.

14-world Samsaara:

6 heavens or Upper Worlds [where merits earned in Bhooloka (the last heaven in the list of seven) are expended. One cannot earn any merit in these worlds]:
1) Satyaloka [heaven of Chaturmukha Brahmaa]
2) Tapoloka [heaven of the Sanakaadi Rishis]
3) Janarloka
4) Maharloka
5) Suvarloka [heaven of Indra]
6) Bhuvarloka

7) Bhooloka
[only loka where merits & sins can be earned and their effects experienced]

Seven hells or Lower Worlds: [where sins earned in Bhooloka are expended. One cannot earn any sin in these worlds]:
8) Atala
9) Vitala
10) Sutala
11) Talaatala
12) Mahaatala
13) Rasaatala
14) Paataala


Comments about 0014.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 13

Wow, for me this is an Epic poem. I have great respect that you sill conserve these old culture, religion or what it may be called: tradition? But there are so many in India, right? And there are still so many temples. I have only One, dear Raja, the greatest temple on earth as in heaven: the temple of my Only God, Who is a part of the Three Divinity. HEY! In every religion and belief there is A THREE Divinity. I was born in Jakarta, in the Brahman ancient hiostory, there IS a Three Divinity too: amongst others there is CIVA. But I don't know so much. I learned that while still at school as a part of Ancient Cutural Histories. Dear Raja, your poem is sublime and pretty to read, loveliest rendered, thank you so much for sharing.
added as ' evergreen'...when you are there to guide nothing can miss...
Om Shri Matre Namah............Abhirami...........please

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