0015.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 14

Poem By rajagopal. h..

To achieve supremacy in any Field

Tamil Transliteration

Vandhippavar unnai vanavar thanavar aanavargal
Sindhippavar nal dhisai mugar naranar sindhaiyulle
Bandhippavar azhiyapparamanandhar paril unnaich
Sandhippavarkku elidham empiratti nin thannaliye


Worshipped by the enlightened
Constant remembrance of the ignorant
Meditation of the Four Headed, direction oriented
Occupant of the mind of the preserver
Binding you inseparable, is Siva,
The Immortal Supreme Bliss!
Earthly meetings with Thee Abhirami,
Ensures Thy Grace as easy reach!

Simple Meaning:

Abhirami! Devas and Asuras worship you; Vishnu and Brahma meditate on you single pointedly. Ever blissful and immortal binds you in His mind.
Still you bless those devotees who have your darshan and pray you. What a grace is your grace Abhirami?


When the great personalities are worshipping Abhirami with special attention and norms to remain in their post Abhirami makes Herself available to the ordinary devotees easily to bless them if they worship Her.

This declaration is very important as Abhirami is available to elevate each and every child


Comments about 0015.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 14

A very good attempt to translate the difficult passages from Abhiram Andadhi in Tamil about Goddess Abhirami. The poet is blessed to bring into light this age old great Tamil poetry thro' the poemhunter for our reading pleasure. His efforts are well appreciated.
Graceful translation!
Abhirami...enlighten me if there is any mistake

3,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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