MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0015 'Intelligent Design' Goes Bats

Once upon a time
in the forests of Ecuador -
but this is a true story,
who'd dare to make it up?

there was and is today
a flower with a deep bell-like cup
whose tempting nectar is just out of reach
to all but one species

In the forests of Ecuador
there's a species of bat
with a tongue 9 centimetres,
that's 3 inches, long
and therefore quite a proportion
of its bodyweight
which is the only species
yes you've guessed it

there's something going on here

it's called something like
species co-evolution -
have they come to some cute arrangement
and if so, what language did they whisper in?

that means, over hundreds, thousands, millions?
of years, each generation the flower's bell
got infinitesimally longer and
the bat's tongue got longer

Had they allowed for the possibility
that one day, mankind,
meddling as mankind does,
might mess up the rain -forests of Ecuador
and suddenly, a shortage of
flowers - or of bats?
the deal's off... but anyway,
who gave these guys the right
to bargain this private deal?

Can it be that Intelligent Design
sticks a offside pass or two in?
A kinda divine joke by Evolution
or vice versa..

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