0016.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 15

Poem By rajagopal. h..

(Readers, please read the commentary to appreciate the greatness of Abhirami and to experience bliss)

To experience Bliss in this life and hereafter

Tamil Transliteration

Thannalikkendru munnepala kodi dhavangal seivar
Mannalikkum selvamo peruvarmadhi vanavartham
Vinnalakkum selvamum azhiyamuththi veedumandro
Pannalikkum soll parimala yamalaip paingiliye


Thy grace rare, stemming
Penances many crores in advance!
Treasure of Earth only shall they get?
Nay! Gift of the supreme, ruling the enlightened,
With fathomless booty
And immortal Bliss sphere
Thy voice vibrating the tunes of melody
Oh fragrant Abhirami my dusky beauty parrot!

Simple Meaning:

My Mother Abhirami! You parrot that speak musical language;

Shall those devotees who do penance to get your blessing, get only earthly wealth?

No, they will get the supreme post of Devendra of the heaven and the allied comforts entitled to him.

Also they will get the immortal bliss.


Today is a holiday (25 1 2009-Sunday) : even though I have completed the translation work of Abhirami Andhadhi I have been adding simple meaning and commentary, which I have not done from slogan 4 to 25; parallely some work is going on for making funds available to an orphanage in Panvel Mumbai.
My wife Santha is very much concerned about the less fortunate children and the old people in orphanages. She wanted/wants to add more value in that front

Meanwhile we were discussing about the greatness of Abhirami; my elder brother in law T.K Seshadri (sister Mythili Akka’s husband) is in Coimbatore Tamilnadu to visit an ailing relative; that relative is an ardent devotee of Akhilandeswari of Tiruvanaikkoil, Tamilnadu. I love that Mother and She is close to my heart. such a love.

I wanted to chant Sri Suktham and Sri Durga Suktham over phone when I was on phone with that devotee; this has not happened. Santha said it is not necessary to tell the mantra over phone; it has already reached Akhilandeswari. Immediately our doorbell rang and a Sanyasi and two Brahmins wanted donations for the marriage of an orphan girl; they chanted Veda mantras and blessed us. Santha gave Rs 201; they wanted gold; she removed the ring she was wearing and gave it to them.

The point is not to project Santha’s charity; if you see the sequence of the above events we can make out that when we surrender unto Abhirami, She will take care of rest of the things.

Now please correlate with what Abhirami Bhattar’s claims; hope you all will agree.


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