MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Two Ways

"How you became friends with God, Mumma? ", her 8 years old daughter came running towards her as she set the temperature while making the pancakes.
She went down on her knees, held her hands, kissed them, looked into her inquisitive eyes and said, "My love, there is a point in everyone's life where we've to choose one way outta two ways.One, leading towards 'Recognition of God' and the other leading towards the 'whirlpool of this world'.At that very point your mamma chose the first one.

She starred at her with open mouth, as if her mother's words were too concentrated to seep into her little brain.
"Just like I choose prayer over my sleep, Mumma? , she asked innocently after thinking for a while."Yes, my dear", she smiled.

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Respect, M. Not that I would ever expect otherwise, but this is staggering in the way it impacts on the mood - 'just like that' (ahem, forget that quote) . Serenity in a few short moments; another world embraced. As so often in your pieces, there is (for me) a particularly striking, memorable gathering of words that hits the spot; for me, it is the last five lines. Wonderful. t x
I have never been there, but you have transported me to Delphi and shown me what I would never have perceived without your magic words. Thank you Chris
Michael...The flecks and flashes of pictorial wonder is but only superseded by the overall picture you have painted, with deep-dished strokes of vivid imagery...To merely say that you have a sumptuous command of diction, and a radar for proper placement, is understating the full measure of your work...You are a masterful artisan in my opinion, Michael, indeed& in true...FRANK