MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0017 Suppose It Said..

Suppose it said – and, yes
it has been said, that
you were made to be
as much the same, as God,
or, The Creator – or
some other word that
means as much – were made to be
as much the same as – That -
as any human being could be; that

this, waits for you; it’s there;
cease to deny that that is so,
and then, it will be so…

suppose you hear it said; and
like the sound of it; then
close your eyes for several seconds
and open them again; but, it’s all
just the same…

suppose that at that point,
you don’t give up, with, as they say,
'a snort of derision'; but close your eyes again,
and think

I don’t remember such a big denial
all at once; how could a child
know what to deny, or why;
deny so vast a thing?

or could it rather be, a history
of many small denials? ah yes,
that seems quite possible – like
all those things that we put to one side
as – so the song goes on – ‘but not for me…’:

some few were overcome – I thought once
that riding a bike was Not For Me;
but thanks to Dad who proved me wrong,
I’ve thousands of miles of the joy of freedom
ticking on the cyclometer…

but yes, there’s much that’s labelled
Not For Me; once, poetry
was labelled, too, so great a thing
but Not For Me..

suppose a life
without self-deprivation
where all these small denials were denied,
whom would I be then? Would I be great
in so many small acceptances,
that all that life might have to offer,
should be myself? Would that be joy?
I think it could be so.

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Comments (3)

Once you realize that all you can really depend on in this life is yourself, you can indeed be the best that life has to offer........or not! The choice is yours. There are no limitations, except those that we put on ourselves. Thought-provoking piece, Michael. Linda
An accepting snort of celebration, not derision, from this corner. A grand well expressed piece Michael.
Michael, I think you have just described the utopian state of being& if so true, in such a way, that it almost cries out to those who Read this fine work, to seek out more, never say never &that all things are indeed possible under certain condusive cicumstances.....An accomplished work, in this Penner's view...Frank