0018.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 17

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Today is a very disturbing day in my life; i got the news that my elder sister who is undergoing dialysis is serious; i do not know where else to shed my burden except on my Mother Abhirami!

For Womenfolk To Get More Beauty

Tamil Transliteration

Adhisayamana vadivudayal aravindhamellam
Thudhisaya aanana sundharavalli eradhi
Pathisayamana abasayamaga munnparthavartham
Madhisaya magavandrovaama bagaththai vavviyadhe


Form inexplicable my Abhirami!
Worshipped by Lotus lot appreciating thy beauty
You are the tender tendril!
Thy husband turned the victories
Of the partner of Rathi into defeats
By opening his third eye
The instrument for destruction of desire
You victorious! Snatched His left half by melting His heart!

Simple Meaning

Abhirami has a wonderful beauty. She has a face overflowing with beauty, which is worshipped by the lotus flower and is like a tender tendril. She has defeated Manmathan (Kaman) by occupying the mind and half the body of Siva who converted Kaman into ashes.


Abhirami’s face is compared to flowers; Her nature is win all; when we see some people for the first time we start liking them; we go to them for solution to any problem since sharing with them brings immediate solution; whoever worships Abhirami are assured of success


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Hi Rajagopal Sir, Please continue to put in the word by word meanings for all the verses so that when people like me recite we can do it with the meaning in mind, rather than having to keep memorizing meanings by heart. If we know the word meanings automatically the thoughts and images will flood our minds, thanks a lot for this effort, let Ambal's blessing be always on you!
religious enchantment that's beautiful

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