MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

River Talk

Do the waters
of the mighty Mississippi
ever stop flowing?
Do they pause
to wonder
where they are going?
If they could
would they tell
their own story?
Currents of madness
sadness, wild wonder
and glory?
Could it be
the only place they
are free to stop and speak,
would be
a swamp, a pond
or a rather small creek?
And if these tales
they could tell
to the likes of man,
would it, could it
be something
wonderful and grand?
To really know
we would surely need
a translator to explain.
Only one human could ever truly fathom
the rivers despair and delight,
that old river boat captain, Mark Twain.
And now
with Samuel Clemens
long since gone,
we may never again
fully comprehend
the beauty and wonder of the mighty Mississippi's amazing song.

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there's blessing in giving, I'm sure - also in accepting...