002. My Cat

Sitting on the fence
my cat looks round
looking for any prey
she gets up and stretches
a rabbit moves and the cat jumps

A flash of black and white
a rabbit’s scream
the cat holds it down
the dog comes up to see the prey
both cat and rabbit run away

by Jaden Knight

Comments (7)

For me this poem has the feel of a haiku capturing your observations beautifully. Thank you.
Nice ending. Funny in the same way. Positive poem. Nice, love it.
there is something about this poem which stimulates a desire to send it to MyPoemList. there, i did it! maybe it is the scene of nature and life and almost-death and surprise and the conciseness and precision with which the tale is told. i have no cat or dog, but i DO have a wife. and once in a while we have spiders and flies, oh my! thanks Profanisaurus aka john westlake for sharing an oldie but goodie with us. bri :)
I love cat....I have Siamese cat his name is Dutch.. ......at the end cat ran out because dog is bigger than her..
Sad to say I don't have cat, , , I love Dog In my Life
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