Poem By Jasper Pane

Confusion surrounds me
Little words puncture my soul
blinded not able to see
of you who are such a fool

You turned me upside-down
The person i hate to be
everybody to look down upon
quiet and sad, written alone

This blue that coats my skin
is the feelings from me
flowing through, unable to hide
shielded within my being

Objects form on top my skin
showing the pain ive held within
no longer caring, for you who think
i sit here alone, my heart in sync

Comments about 002-Myperfectimperfections

Jasper, the upside of melancholy is that it can provide such a effective springboard for inspiration. This is a fine poem that shares it's anguish with honesty and insight. You have avoided the trap of over explanation and yet the message you send is loud and clear. 'Little words puncture my soul' is particularly eloquent. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
yeah I sort of know this feeling.. It is always good to share your feelings with some one Jasper, .. And expressing your self through poems is a great way to release the tension.. nice write indeed.. again very touching loves shan

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