0020 Finger Lickin' Blood

At Wendy's Restaurant in San Jose,
California, USA,
a woman 'found' a finger, rather illy
hidden in her bowl of chilli.

The management's reaction -
and this is just no laugh -
is irony in action:
they've had to cut the staff.

The Prosecutor's hinted -
though the amputee's not found -
the culprit has been fingered,
with the evidence...to hand...

but suspicion's bound to linger
and fingers sure to point -
did rivals have a finger
in cutting down this joint?

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (5)

A fun and entertaining write; do you know why the pun is the lowest form of humor? It's because two thirds are P-U!
I make sure not to order the Chicken Fingers there! Went to Wendys around that time, just to support them. They have the best carpets and atmosphere for a fast food joint, I think. They were also giving out free milkshakes to try to undo damage, that helped steer me there, too. I love the abundance of puns. And you're very possibly right about your concluding question. I hadn't thought of it.
Hope the finger was Super Size.
Well, I guess they fingered the culprit then.
Cute pun Michael. Well led up to. It looks like another hoax. The woman who reported it had two other lawsuits against restaurants in her history. Sort of comes across as having as much credibilty as the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser. (Don't get me wrong. I personally think that Wendy's fast food and Michael Jackson can both share the adjective 'vile.'