JK ( / Crawley)

003. My Gerbil

My gerbil standing proud
On two feet she looks around
Grabbing the bars with two paws
She bites them with her tiny jaws

Bored of that she goes for food
Stripping the seeds of sun flowers
Flicking away what she doesn't want
She turns the bowl over and jumps away

She tires from this
And goes back to her bed
Though she's only three years old
She still has more time yet

by Jaden Knight

Comments (2)

what does Claire aka Clare have more time yet to do? ? an interesting insider's view into the life of a little bundle of fur. quite realistic i'd say, though i never had a pet gerbil... i enjoyed it. thanks for sharing. bri :)
Aw, cute. Try and find a rhythm to stick to. I assume thats what would fit given the meaning of the poem. Unless your gerbil is having a little discord, hehe.