MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0031 Check-Off

'Who was listening
when I apologised
for my life? '

I jotted that down
in a moment of regret
over the wasted things
of life, that is, my life..

and thought, that
sounds a bit like dialogue
or rather monologue to audience
stage or stalls
in Chekhov

so if no-one was listening
well, that's that

but suppose that 'everything'
was listening, and made
changes so subtle that
they'll go unnoticed except
that I find I have
nothing to apologise for
even to myself

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Comments (5)

Michael, You write words of truth so beautifully, so clearly, so wisely. Thank you, dear man. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
yessss! that is the first step to wisdom: that there is very little we have to apologize for, maybe nothing at all... we could not have done better at that time. ulrike
I love this one Michael! If only everyone thought about apologizing.........It's funny, those who really don't need to apologize usually do and those who really should, normally don't. Beautiful poem! Sincerely, Mary
Nice one Michael. Liked this one. Thank you.
M, if you have any even slightest amount of apologies to make, I can only think that the rest of us need to say so many Hail Marys it would take the rest of our lifetimes to do so. A stunning piece, a sad yet hopeful one, a poignant one, a reflective and self-reflection-inducing one (as so often) . It's a good time for me to read it, too, and I'm grateful. t x