RH (21 4 62 / TRICHY)

0035.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 33

To get the Companionship of Abhirami forever

Tamil Transliteration

izhaikkum vinaivazhiye adum kaalan, enai nadunga
azhaikkum pozhuthu vandhu, 'anchal' enpaay! aththar chiththam ellaam
kuzhaikkum kalapak kuvimulai yaamalaik komalame!
uzhaikkum pozhuthu, unnaiye annaiye enban odivandhe


By the flickering baneful deeds of mine
Dire consequences stemming from sins aggregating,
While God of Time blasting me to follow
Appear and bestow your protection that moment!
Oh the messing Lady of my Lord’s Heart
With your pointed beautiful breasts anointed with sandal paste!
Will hail thee “ Mother Oh my Mother”
Come running to save and absolve me!

Simple meaning:

Mother Abhirami! For my evil deeds the God of Death will torture and take me away; at that time I will call you; you need to come promising my safety and protect me; you, who are occupying the mind of my Lord Siva, by virtue of your beauty, at the time of death I will call you only; please come and save me.


While we are powerful in terms of money, position and status we ignore righteousness; when we become older we slowly understand that we are alone ultimately and the consequences are ready bearing fruits; the calling of Abhirami at the time of death is the calling of “ Good Things” personified which only will elevate us to a higher plane


by rajagopal. h..

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very nice comments it makes me recall appa's words appa used to tell the following story; you may know also ------------------------------ one rich man who never wanted to spend time/money on God thought this namasmaran at the time of death is equivalent to poojas throughout life; so he named his sons like siva, vishnu; eventually he fell sick; Yaman came; shocked the rich man said ' Aiyoh' instead of Siva/Vishnu; what you are used to will always come out involuntarily; ------------------------------ thinking of Abhirami as everlasting companion will make companions of all by Her grace so that the fear of death will never be there as you have friends and well wishers here and here after