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004 A Really Good Song
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004 A Really Good Song

Poem By Lori Boulard

a really good song has your throat by the first eight-count
owning your heartbeat as it opens up wide

it lays on your tongue smooth as chocolate
then bites down hard like good whiskey

a really good one sticks to your brain like dementia
and doesn't let go until it is through with you,

sinking in deep like an old friend, pumping rhythm
intravenously like a sweet soul transfusion

it begs your body to shut up, shut down and let go
drowning every pore in melodic waves of ecstasy

rattling your spine with such a shock wave
as coffee and greater sins could only dream

like sex without the consequences
instant zen, yours for the taking

a really good song, if it is really good
stamps your soul with a reminder

of who you are, were, or can be
when you are better than you ever thought possible

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Comments (9)

Wow, what a wide open and vivid tribute to the power of music with lines to match the finest of musical phrases!
Now that's some cool, mellifluent jazz ya got blowing there, cat. Gorgeous couplets with perhaps, 'like sex without the consequence / instant zen, yours for the taking' being the best. On the flip-side, Greg
Also, 'YOU ARE MY SISTER' by same artist
This is amazing, it has such depth and meaning to so many, including myself. A Really Good Song? 'HOPE THERE'S SOMEONE'by ANTHONY AND THE JOHNSONS I really cried at this one when I felt the pain contained, and oh what a voice.
Loved this one so much that I even emailed it TO MYSELF! ! Scarlett