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The Mine: The Find

I am lost,

I look for eileen

into my mine;
digging more and
carving the walls
and pillars of my golden memories.

i look for eillen's
to light
and fire the darkness
of my long
and vague
treasured mine.

is not just

a map
a light
for whom lost his way.
like me.

is an archeological

by Atef Ayadi

Comments (12)

Very amusing!
i probably should have use a semi-colon OR a period, instead of a comma, after shepherd in my last entry. :)
The Lord is my shepherd, i shall not want another. He did lead me to lie down in green pastures. And when I awoke to find a woman at my side, I was thankful for a woman there...., instead of a brother. i left a comment a long time ago. this is just a little thankyou. Thank you, Lord. bri :)
LOL, very entertaining. And 1999 explains the A: drive, I still have an external floppy drive in a dusty box somewhere. I will show your prayer to my priest, I think he would love it, maybe even use it in one of his homilies.
You are very creative, John. I am simply overwhelmed by this one. The Lord's prayer converted into a computer prayer, well done!
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