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004. The Computer Prayer
JK ( / Crawley)

004. The Computer Prayer

Poem By Jaden Knight

Our computer who art in the study
Hallowed be thy printer
We have had you for years
May all work be done
From now until 3000
Give us today our daily printouts
And forgive us our viruses
As we forgive those who send viruses to us
Lead us not to the recycle bin
And deliver us from the Internet
For thine is the A drive
Hard disk and mouse
From now till 3000


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Comments (12)

Very amusing!
i probably should have use a semi-colon OR a period, instead of a comma, after shepherd in my last entry. :)
The Lord is my shepherd, i shall not want another. He did lead me to lie down in green pastures. And when I awoke to find a woman at my side, I was thankful for a woman there...., instead of a brother. i left a comment a long time ago. this is just a little thankyou. Thank you, Lord. bri :)
LOL, very entertaining. And 1999 explains the A: drive, I still have an external floppy drive in a dusty box somewhere. I will show your prayer to my priest, I think he would love it, maybe even use it in one of his homilies.
You are very creative, John. I am simply overwhelmed by this one. The Lord's prayer converted into a computer prayer, well done!
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