0040 For Tara's Friends Named And Unnamed

Poem By Michael Shepherd

They’re trained to do the work of love
as if they are the most loving friends
that you could ever have
and, miraculously,
there to help you in your hour – no, those vital minutes –
of your need (and ours) , with every skill
that human beings can devise
to save their fellows;
if they were angels,
could they do a better job?

and today, if we tried to thank them
on the phone – they’d have to call us back…perhaps…
that’s if we could ever get through – no,
sorry, we don’t know their names, that’s
why we’re phoning…yes, security, I understand…

or if we left a message,
picked up as they, weary, leave their shift
that’s been extended due to an emergency or three,
they may have difficulty in remembering
just which that case was, which they dealt with
as lovers even could not,
as angels; human beings as human as could be..

or know how many wept, how many
held their breath, how many prayed;
how many wondered how to pray;
how many are more grateful
than they might ever put in words -

you nameless ones,
I hope that somewhere in your hearts
as you take a few hours’ sleep
before your next redemption of humanity
you may take whatever strength you may ever need
yours truly and sincerely,

Her Other Friends

Comments about 0040 For Tara's Friends Named And Unnamed

Michael this is a beautiful poem for a beautiful woman. Much luv Tara, as always. :)
Oh Tara, please please do, from all of us.
M, thank you so much for writing so eloquently and gracefully what I failed to put into words at the time, in my indignant and blabbering state. May I send this to them, by way of a thank you in the words I still fail to find? And My thanks to You, of course, and as ever. t xxxxxxxxx
Your very tender heart and soul are showing themselves again, Michael. Lovely. Raynette
A very heart felt poem. In my country, there is a Sanscrit prayer we say every day. 'Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu' which means 'Let the entire universe be well.' I pray for all of us and I am glad Tara is OK. Anjana

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