0041.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 39

To Avoid Premature Death

Tamil Transliteration

aalukaikku undran adiththamaraigal undu andhaganpaal
meelugaikku undran vizhiyin kadaiyundu mael ivatrin
moolugaikku ennkurai ninkuraiye andru muppurangal
maalugaikku ambhu thoduththa villan panghil vaalnudhalae


Abhirami My Mother! Thy lotus feet
Competent to condescend benevolence on me!
Dexterity of your corner of the eye; Adept to accord succor
From the clutches of God of Time!
Capitalization mine with efforts unfailing;
Botching to attempt, failure from me; not thy miscarriage;
Forehead beauty, Occupying the Lord’s left, who wields bow and arrow
With intend to destroy the three cities deadly!

Simple meaning:
Abhirami; your lotus feet are capable of ruling me; your grace of the eyes has the ability to save me from the God of Time; I will be benefited if I worship; if there is a failure its mine and not yours; you Abhirami with a beautiful forehead; you are the occupier of the left side of Shiva who wields bow and arrow with an intend to destroy the three cities and its dwellers.

This poem is unique in its content and comparison; Abhirami occupying the left side of Shiva whose qualifications are indicated at various places with specific references; here Shiva is portrayed as someone ready to destroy the bad elements who are dwellers of “ Thripuram”; these demons were not conquerable as they constantly remembered Shiva by virtue of their prayer; the irony is Shiva himself was waiting to destroy them and Lord Vishnu conspired to change the demon’s mind and made them forget Shiva for a while when Shiva destroyed them at that moment; such is the nature of Shiva whose left hand side is occupied by Abhirami whose grace is ready to save the devotee from the clutches of death and destruction even if the devotee has surrendered unto Her only once; the point is even if the right side…that is Shiva fails to protect the devotee…. my Mother Abhirami is readily available in the next half to save Her devotee…my conviction in the mercy of womenfolk is substantiated.


by rajagopal. h..

Comments (2)

Lord Shiva is the most compassionate; that is the problem...once He gives His boons He never goes back...the Demons ruling the ' Thiripuram' were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva but they turned atrocious...they were meant to be destroyed.; .again as you may be aware that getting destroyed in the own hands of the beloved Almighty is one way of getting His Grace...they had to be derailed from the boon in such a way that Shiva can see a loop-hole to retrack...so Vishnu and Naradha made a visit to ' Thiripuram' and made indoctrination in such a way that the demons failed to remember Shiva and as a condition of the boon which stated that as long as they remembered Shiva, no force including Shiva could defeat them, Shiva had the opportunity to destroy them; In simple layman’s language …Shiva is a follower of the Letter of Rules…Abhirami His consort residing next door is the follower of the Spirit behind those letters…She would never allow Her child to go haywire..this is my feeling…
i would like to add one thing dear; Shiva Himself is all merciful; His trying to destroy the demons who have become terror also is His mercy; the point what i feel more appropriate is Abhirami's grace will always ensure the safety of the devotee here in this birth and afterwards whereas Shiva's method is for the enlightenment and life after the release of the soul from the imprisoning body;