0042.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 40

To get the complete fruition of all good deeds

Tamil Transliteration

Vaanudhal kanniyai vinnavar yavarum vandhirainjip
Paenudharkku enniya emperumaattiyaip paedhai nenjil
Kaanudharkku anniyal alladha kanniyaik kaanum anbhu
Poonudharkku enniya ennam andro mun sei punniyamae


Brilliant eye third on Her forehead
Made the enlightened contemplate obeisance
And salute in acclaim!
Lady not in the zoom of ignorant mind
Empress that great, I reckoned to take shelter
Compelled by the love inborn
This cognition colossal expressing my love
Resultant of deeds noble in my incarnations earlier!

Simple meaning:

Abhirami my Mother has a brilliant third eye; all angels and enlightened, contemplated to worship Her; She cannot be seen by the ignorant mind; this inclination to love and surrender unto Her is the result of my good deeds performed in my earlier births.


The third eye is a symbol of enlightenment; the point is that even the other enlightened souls want to worship Abhirami; this is because Love and grace cannot be understood by the ignorant; and all enlightened need not follow the path of Universal love as wielded by my Mother Abhirami; as Abhirami Bhattar is also a love starved soul he feels that it’s the fruition of the great deposit of good deeds of the previous births…only with tremendous love for Abhirami this stanza can be realized.


by rajagopal. h..

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