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0044 Liste Ye Thertyl Allé Thynge Ye Speke
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0044 Liste Ye Thertyl Allé Thynge Ye Speke

Allé thyngés speke the name of godde.
Trete allé thynge as lichsome lissom mayde
thatte fore thu yearne to daunce as cheke to cheke
as for to sense the savour of here blome;
Ware thu watchen; thenne alle thynge schal speke
and telle al worldés hiden metodés
than speké not thatte godde speke of him self;
thorough goddes brethe hem brethe thy yeres thereinne
hem sondés, hwile thatte ye stonde and boté stare;
Hwaet thu! Tak boté steppés quicke and close
as alway maydé mak menne brazelich bolde –
for til godde speke thee in Hys allé thynge,
so ware thu watchen; alle thynge slepe inne godde.

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Comments (4)

This was beautiful to read. Read aloud the meaning and flow of ideas shine right through.
And quite a good rendering you've come up with, if my limited knowledge of Mediaeval English serves!
Full marks, Tara! It's meant to be read aloud, with only the marked syllables accented... and for ease of understanding, it draws on, er,8th to 14th century word-forms... but PLEASE read Gerson Hepner's 'Until they speak'... which inspired me to attempt this paraphrase...
I must confess I started out reading it in Chaucerian English with a wee Scottish brogue (blame that on Anna) . Ahem. But it worked equally well that way; enchanting and serene. t x