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0045 In Honour Of Ahmad Shamlu, Poet, Teacher
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0045 In Honour Of Ahmad Shamlu, Poet, Teacher

She so loved Him
was so beloved of Him
that He spoke to her and said
my beloved
ask of Me whatsoever you wish

and she said
without hesitation
my Lord,
fill my life
with difficulty
for at those times
I cry out
for You
and feel nearest to You

and if, for the working-out
of my own destiny
or for the love of Your world
must I be born again
have me born
in the most difficult of times
in the most difficult of places
and make me a man
that I may walk barefoot
and bloody
with only one leg
over a path of swords

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Comments (5)

An incredible tribute to an incredible man. Now and again history throw up the occassional genius, and Ahmad was certainly one. I have seen some of his films, but I have never got around to his poetry as yet. Great Stuff Micheal.
This was beautiful Michael....it was simply beautiful.
Declan - google his lifestory - and gasp...
An interesting piece Michael. I was not familiar with his work. I shall have to remedy that.
This is beautiful Michael! Yes, it makes perfect sense. What a wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary