0046 Jewel Of Blood

A fine morning and the side-streets empty
then turning the corner,
in the middle of the road
a pigeon - grey-mauve, plump and feather-perfect,

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Brings back the time I found a bi-cycled over pigeon in Radcliffe Square in Oxford and felt awfully sad. Good poems do this: they take you back to experiences in your own life and elucidate them.
A beauty indeed! Creativity in all originality!
Beautiful images. Well crafted. You found beauty in an unusual image and conveyed it convincingly.
Your poem reminds me of your initials. MS Could they stand for microsoft? I know you will understand this as it is meant. Is your facial expression, while writing a poem, substantially different from the one after you finish? The best Teutonic label for your work is SOUVERAEN, which isn't exactly the same meaning as its English cousin. Siegmund would be able to explain. Best wishes, Herbert
Red is a beautiful color expect when its blood.Relating beauty and blood is very poetic Good poem.thank you.
outstanding perspective, Michael. you've got something here. it reminds me of something Picasso was once quoted as saying: 'Art is the Lie that helps us Understand the Truth'. onwards and upwards! Jake
Thanks for this one, Michael. Yes, a pool of blood can be beautiful. So can violence and death, even though they are not beautiful in the larger sense. If you're interested, check out Tim O'Brien's book, 'The Things They Carried, ' which takes place during the Vietnam war and talks about the visceral beauty of war without being insensitive.
Thank you Michael, thoughtful and gentle