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I Am A Girl!
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

I Am A Girl!

I am a girl
with all feminine worries
complaints and objection to all
just for nothing
but have something to concern
sometimes great joy
sometime intense grief
Jealous; a woe of my mind
but patience and kindness are my merits

Growing by age, I am
the reason for my father's worry
makes my mother responsible
so that I should copy her qualities
my brothers, my shelter
I am always depend on them.
Being my bodyguards of my life
they got villian image among boys!

In a society, I am a pride
to God, a sincere believer
politely gives my prayers and offers
worship Him with whole heart
adore before His glory and power

Being a girl, merrily sings
sings my songs from the heart
praise the nature's scenic beauty
makes some fun with birds!
always keep my mind artistic

let me sing my elegy too
when I am sad and helpless
as a lonesome child in a dense wood!
hope for love and care
Yes, because I am a girl!

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Comments (2)

Why does this not surprise me, Michael? That you spend time in quiet reflection and find in your jug of joy such golden words as these to show us. Namaste. Allie
You have a PC in your garden? Seriously M - serenity itself. All the world's a stage indeed (etc) - and you are one of its finest observers, commentators and 'acting person' (not 'actor') , as exemplified in this piece.