005 Poetry Fix

It’s Friday night, late
Daylight drank up its last call hours ago
and passed out in the cab on the way home
My body has taken the night off, down for the count,

by Lori Boulard Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

That was me last night... started one, brain dead, then went home on the bus. Bugger me if I didn't run into the one woman in this world I'm in love with and I didn't have the brain left to make a decent conversation. It was one of those conversations that mostly happens long after its over. You know... thats what I shoulda said. Tomorrow I will fix it (the poem i.e. It's too late for the conversation) Another brilliant write Lori. Another for the faves list.
good description gave me the rushes
Enjoyed this poem-the message is a good one.
I can relate to you so much with this poem and any poet who will deny that he can relate to any part of this poem will be a liar! Nice poem! HBH
Isn't it addicting? I'm glad you wrote this, it really sums up how I feel about this website. I am always checking what new poems are posted...etc. Great poem. sincerely, Mary
Lori...As usual, I like the intensity of your work. By the way do you know Locklin and the folks at Pearl Magazine in LB?