005-Startle Me

Poem By Jasper Pane

Blood veins and locked chains
The things you will have to cross
A far away journey to encounter
It is an adventure to reach the boss

Yet are you willing to fight,
Willing to sacrifice your king?
A chess match is what it is
With heart and soul on a string

Moves will equal consequences
Are you ready for the beating?
You should be anxious, petrified
There is no negotiation meeting

Yet if it is the battle that you win
And you tear the walls apart
You will win the glorious prize
And conquer the childlike heart

A heart so soft and loving
Locked up in walls and chains
Into the empty halls you will find
Whatever else the heart remains

A naked body you will find and see
With eyes so innocent and pure
A kiss you are tempted to give
The body, soul, and heart's cure

But you will refrain yourself
For you are the gentle knight
Willing to sacrifice your heart
In order to win the fight

Comments about 005-Startle Me

Chess and childhood are unlikely bedfellows and yet they work a treat in this fascinating poem about personal struggle, choice and the search for perfection. Your final stanza is poetically very strong indeed. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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