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006 Columbines
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006 Columbines

Poem By Lori Boulard

It is not the death of youth
that shocks us into grief,
but the sucker-punch reminder
we were never in control.

We cultivate our children
like fresh spring bulbs,
nurturing the blossoms, feeding
the roots, wrenching the weeds

around the tender stem.
The backlash of violence
is nature's thorn prick,
the stabbing truth that

despite our tireless tending,
our perfect homes
and pure intentions,
we will never

spade every flaw
in the flowerbed,
every stone in the soil
slowly choking the roses.

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Comments (7)

This is the sort of poetry I want to read.... moves. Roger
I've come across that unfortunate incident in Columbine when I wrote my thesis about the influence of violent video games to youth values. I share your rage at the laxity of our society in looking into this matter.
A strong piece with a strong message. Well formed and crafted Lori. Sure gets the old grey matter twitching.
it really makes me think. if adults took books to fight wars/to gun ranges. would the attitude of the children? ? ?
Lori, I am not a parent but I can appreciate the beautiful way you presented this thought. Nicely done. Martha
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