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006. The Power Of Nature
JK ( / Crawley)

006. The Power Of Nature

Poem By Jaden Knight

The sun pokes its rays
from the shiny blue sea
a man stands alone
waiting watching
the wind in his hair
the fire in his eyes

The birds awake
spread their wings
their voices add to the roar
the beast of the ocean waits
its roar adding to the crash of the waves

The man sees it all
eyes intent ears awake
the roar of nature
far out balances
the roar of the waiting world

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Comments (2)

this line and the last line of the poem puzzled me. the beast of the ocean waits it wasn't a bad poem, but i felt it far from your best, some of which are extremely good. but i'm glad to read one of yours dealing with 'nature', instead of love and conflict among humans. yeah, i'm not a big love poem fan, and conflict can be less than appetizing, though you deal well with both in poems. thanks for sharing. bri :)
Great poem! I love nature poems and this one really hit the nail on the head!