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008 Reading Rumi
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008 Reading Rumi

Poem By Lori Boulard

sipping his words
as minutes slur
into centuries,
silence shifts
like sand
settling comfortably
in my bones
holding me down
holding me still
until I almost forget
to not
I almost forget
we are supposed
to be enemies.

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Comments (4)

I REALLY like the 'moments slur into centuries' image, re Rumi, that's perfect!
I don't understand the 'we are supposed to be enemies' in the context of Rumi. Good verb selection in 'minutes slur into centuries'.
Hmm, you've sparked my curiousity: I'm not acquainted with Rumi (unless I was, and forgot his name, which evidently isn't unimaginable since you almost forgot the enmity part...!) . Thanks for the graceful intro to this writer.
Superb Lori, superb....'until I almost forget not to understand' - he does that to me too! A well earned 10 from me. Hugs Anna xxx