0085... Ne'Er The Twain...?

Poem By Michael Shepherd

So many centuries of Indian thought,
so many saints who found their inmost soul,
so much of observation of the mind,
so much of consciousness itself revealed...

and all this given due language and due terms -
that we, the distant heirs, yet that same self,
may struggle, in our word-hoard so much less,
to stretch our minds to comprehend this wealth;

thus, make a virtue from necessity,
and as perforce the English mystics did,
with heart-warmed mind, speak true simplicity;
with mind-clear heart, reveal what's God and hid:

and trust that godly silence, godly sound
shall yield that self-same truth to Western mind.

Comments about 0085... Ne'Er The Twain...?

Good use of imagery, very understandable, very well written. You have good rhythmic flow.
This is lovely, Michael. And it is a reminder to all of us in the Western world that there are rich, more ancient contributions to the arts and peace of mind. Raynette

2,5 out of 5
18 total ratings

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