MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0086 The Radiance

a radiance.
sometimes you can almost see it.

those who see it
keep it to themselves or
take it for granted, as
a sort of birthright, though
sometimes, later perhaps, or
even too late for you to hear
or to themselves with regret as of a gift withdrawn
remember it and marvel

you yourself –
does it ever dazzle you, or
is it too soon followed, smothered,
with some guilt, a burden born and borne?
or for a moment, quiet at home,
dazzled, ecstatic, heart melted by that radiance?

you, sitting so still in the waiting room or
patiently standing
at the bus stop, in a crowded train,
radiance withdrawn, disguised
as no-one, anyone,


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