LO (Aquarius / USA)

(009) Yippee! Hyah! And Weee...! (Cowboy Poetry)

Tom Tarantula was lonely
in the desert, since the only
things he saw were dust and passin' brittle weeds,
so he left to do some dancin'
in the hopes some snazzy pracin’
would attract a mate to soothe his manly needs.

Though the bar he found was gritty
Tommy saw a very pretty
young tarantula he wanted for his wife,
standin' all alone and starin'
at him shyly when the blarin'
sound of fiddles brought the dreary place to life.
As the singer started hootin'
Tommy T began a scootin'
'round the dance floor yellin': 'Yippee! Hyah! And Weeee...! '
till some fellas started cursin'
and the crowd began dispersin'
fearin' trouble would erupt for Tommy T.

But before a punch befell ‘em
his desire rushed to tell him:
'Tommy T - I do believe you’re Mr. Right! '
So he 'Yahooo'd! ' leapt and kissed her,
took her in his arms and whisked her
off to Vegas to be married that same night.

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