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0097 The Vintage Of A Lifetime
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0097 The Vintage Of A Lifetime

As some sun-ripened vineyard-owner, rich
in slow maturing wisdom gained through time,
before that noble rot of trodden grape
yields untold harvest of a well lived life-
and proud that with his daily-tended skills
he'll win a vintage he will never taste -

so I, who seek to daily tend life's yield,
distil a vintage I shall never taste.
Mayhap some pencilled notes from wisdom's root
shall grow new generation's richer fruit.

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Comments (4)

Excellent work, Michael. Very well done. Warm regards, CJ
This is so impressive. I read it three times and admired it more every read.
i always thought wine brought wisdom, too, or perhaps it only SEEMS that way... fantastic work, Michael. Jake
Compact, and You reallly had the rhythem flowing. Loved the symbolism and the ending. Excellent work.