LSK (06/20/1990 / Dahanu, Maharashtra, India)

I Am An African

Not because im black.
But because my heart warms
And tears run down my face
When i think about AFRICA.

I am an African,
Not because i live here,
But because the African
Sun lit my paths.
Because the air that i breath
Is from these majestic mountains.

That air nurtured me
Growing up.

I am an African,
Not because i can speak
Swahili, Shona, Zulu or Xhosa.
But because my heart is
Shaped like a question mark,
Just like AFRICA.

I am an African,
Not because i am black,
But because my umbilical cord
Is burried under the majestic
Mountains of AFRICA.

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Comments (7)

Great poem, this is very beautiful
hi LSK what an inspiring lil sweel piece steeped in nostagia n the ensuing dawn of a not so innocent life very well your tender age...u do very well indeed...keep at it cheers
this poem takes me to my school and i started reliving; great poem Lubna
very descriptive. you must have so much love for your teachers and school.
Memoirs well described Miss and also reveals your faithfulness.
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