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01 Layers
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01 Layers

Poem By Lori Boulard

She rushes ahead, laughing
into the pouring rain
ignoring my desperate pleas
to wear a coat.

She's right, you know,
to live unarmored.
We spend our adult
lives longing to shed
the layers we amass
and return to naked
wonder at the world.

How can I explain
my true fear is not the rain,
but the beasts
that move among us
wearing overcoats.

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Comments (6)

Just superb! Roger.
Love the layers in this Lori. The way you have contrasted the mother's wisdom, her perception of the dangers and the innocence and freedom of the daughter is superb. Justine
Very perceptive. I have lived both roles in this mini-drama. Freedom and risk are both to be cherished and feared in this dangerous world.
When one is a carefree youngster, the world seems to a magic shop or a giant playground; naiveté is the order of the day. As adults we must become heavily guarded (well, some of us that is) to deal with the constant barrage of bitterly unkindness incurred along our less-than-merry way. Hmmm, sounds a bit like the forum debacles, doesn't it? In any event, I truly enjoyed your poetic perspective with 'Layers'. 'to live unarmored'...ah yes, if only we could now? Warm-hearted wishes, Greg
There is much to read between the lines in this simply portrayed, beautifully written piece about the eternal mother and daughter theme. This really touched me. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx
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