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01 - Rock Star Groupie
(30.04.1984 / South East, London)

01 - Rock Star Groupie

Back in black I hit you hard
With my classic rock chick style
I shake my hips to zeppelin hits
And watch you as you smile
If you want blood you got it
I’ll bleed and give you mine
I’ll let you taste below my waist
And drink my vintage wine
I shook you all night long
With the classic guitar groove
I lean back in the white snake sack
As my hips start to move
Purple rainbow straddles above me
As it drips on my naked skin
High like a free bird in the the sky
I knock back tequila & gin

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Comments (5)

Holy shit....i haven't been on this site in forever...but to come back and discover you just made my effin day....you have true talent...im not just saying that either...this poem is rockin- sex, drugs, and rock and wicked poetic too....i've had alot of party nights like this, and as a guitarist, im lovin the psych rock references, especially the purple haze one.
wow - what can I say? - this is great! !
Glad I got to read this. Thanks for posting.
Rock star groupie come to my band and go around the world. Roger
Good use of classic rock and roll key signature phrases. It makes me want to rock steady and made me think of AC / DC and the anthem, 'You shook me all night long! '