No Mans

Welcome to no man's land also known as limbo where only the servie and the rest fade, Day after day is a fight with you and me to see who will be the victor olny me can help my self and i to become as one to ovecome you, Cuz if you defeat's I me and myself will forever fade.

I myself refuse to let you win this battle to combine me and myself and I to become 1 and forever rule over you, I myselfe must let me teach myself to balance love and hate with out feelings involed which you bring into play.

When me helps I to kill all emotions then you will have no choice but to bow down and become as 1 with me, Myself

YOU MYSELF & I combined with Me =1% Me forever

by Michael Mckelvey

Comments (5)

The best and strongest use of words in this work is the section that reads: I am Fear, Cold, Darkness, Death. Why not take that section and build another new poem around it, as often poets do?
your poem starts off with a wonderful sense of horrorifying enigma. But you ramble on without saying anything new. In each stanza you're basically saying the same thing in the one before, but just wording it differently. It loses creativity by the end and just becomes like all the other 'dark' poems that are posted on the net. Writing dark poetry is, in my opinion, one of the hardest aspects of poetry there is. Mainly just because there is a fine line between good dark poetry and just boring dark poetry. Your work isn't boring, but it' doesn't hold the attention of the reader enough... always, Amberlee
Your poem has great depth to it. The reading and wording is structured to a tee.. Nice Writing... Jodilee
That is the most awesome poem i've ever read, it kept me hangin at the end of my seat................ J.S.
this is meant as a story, entertainment, nothing more. that is, there is no 'deeper meaning' to this, for those who might look for such. rather, i wanted to tell a story in a poem, and this story is the one that came. i hope to add more parts to it, later on. enjoy!