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0109 Upon The Feast Of Saint Valentine
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0109 Upon The Feast Of Saint Valentine

roses are red
(well, some are white) :
Saint Valentine says
he needs poets to write...

roses are red
(well, some are pink) :
Saint Valentine says
he needs hearts expressed in ink..

poems are read;
that's the good news here;
Saint Valentine's day
could last all year...

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Comments (4)

Precisely, Sir! just like music...poetries hear our joy, pains, anger and whatever. And what's good about Valentine's day? it makes us all feel love whether expressed written or vocally, distant or near, moreso physically that inspire us more to be romantic though hopelessly, perhaps expressing the emotions for a passionate write.. Many poems born and reborn... read throughout the year, and not just read...but felt from the heart. Just like this penning, felt within...not just for a year but all the years as long as love is felt by everyone on earth. Happy Valentine's day to you my mentor.--Cynthia Aluning, Philippines
do we really need a day to dedicate to our lovers? shouldn't we do this everyday? this day has little to do with love. i think the flower and chocolate industry need an annual boost.
Absolutely charming. Wonderful thoughts. Chrissie
(Clapping) Delightful, Michael. I wish at least the lovely feelings would last all year. Bless you. Hugs, CJ