LO (Aquarius / USA)

(011) George Bush Is Not A Cowboy (Sonnet)

George Bush is not a cowboy, no sirree,
he's never owned a horse or roped a steer;
I hear his Northern schooling came for free;
his down home twang’s a counterfeit. It’s clear
he needs to learn a lessen. Lets revolt
and ship him to a campsite Way Out West
to give his pampered, frat-boy soul a jolt
and grant the troops a long awaited rest.
No Saudi Sheiks will rush to ease his fears;
no maids will jump to soothe his prickly skin;
by sundown he'll be sopping wet with tears
and begging for survival tips from Bin.

Wake up, US, before you’re leveled flat -
your leader is a weak, deluded brat.

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Comments (2)

OMG! ! that is the funniest thing i have ever read. i'm glad someone shares my views!
Wow Leeanndra! I hope you have your passport already and waiting to go! lol Brilliant, that begging for survival tips from Bin was a dog of war gone whimpering off with his tail between Bushes legs for sure! rofl The best Soddin Sonnet I have read in months, Tai