0110 Visiting Billy Collins

The gate opens easily -
someone's oiled it quite recently.
There's fresh gravel on the path
this winter day.

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Anyone who is familiar with Billy Collins' work felt the congruence. The details were perfect! well done.
what a lighthearted treasure, Michael. the frayed Welcome mat conjures quite a homey image. good show. Jake
Hats off...if we had hats (see my favorite Collins poem, 'The Death of the Hat') . Now I'd put my money, if I had to choose, that this is a metaphorical 'visit', but it sure as hell sounds like your were really there!
What a lovely warm poem, Michael. My favorite line 'the doormat has said Welcome for some frayed years now.' You captured that homey, midwestern feeling that his poems show us...Accessible, yes, but straight to the heart. Raynette
This is so much fun, Shep. And yes, 'accessible' is the key word, almost too accessible, if that's possible. You've hit upon the wonderful genre of poetry about other poets. Collins does it too, for example, with 'Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes, ' probably my favorite poem of his. Good job.
Sounds like a wonderfully peaceful visit. Nice of you to allow us to accompany you. :) Sincerely, Mary