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0115 Windows Nothing Reading
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

0115 Windows Nothing Reading

Windows nothing reading
thus goes
pretty letters
human companion
mentioned rich

surreal life
surreal poets
make sense
gertrude stein
our language
fresh view
you too

the first stanza
comes with
to Miss Laurice
who hoped
to slip her
special offer
of Viagra's
love Niagara
or Cialis bliss
penis strength
orgasmic length
through the detumescent
Puritan fathered
into my email
using this
surreal text
this sober morning

but alas
and alack
Miss Laurice's
surreal thesis
like stockyard sow
is labelled now
(but wham and bam
and thank you, ma'am...)

as Spam

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Comments (2)

The emailers using random words to try to avoid the spamfilters just struck me as so surreal!
'detumescent'? I shall have to look that one up! This is an interesting experiment in word usage...'random-scandom', if you will. I liked it, Michael. It had a structure, though, in fairness. I am the 'artist' formerly known as 'Mark Fry', here to flaunt my Jewish credentials to positive effect. I will not post poetry for a few more weeks yet. It will be experimental. Your book arrived a couple of days ago, Michael. I have not had an opportunity to spend quality time with it yet...however, I was immediately taken with the 'Between' triology...I've re-read and contemplated those particular sonnets...intelligent pieces...the approach of 'Windows Nothing Meaning' reminded me of the close of 'Between (2) : 'Between each word, meet unity in mind.'