0120 A Tribute To James P., Poet

Every five years or so
since you were a boy,
a slender book of
maybe a dozen poems

gently human, like
a summer seashore
lapping at the heart,
leaving washed bright pebbles
like jewels

for each five years
a quiet poet, bright-eyed
with an inner smile
has walked around unnoticed

waiting for a poem to come to him
and yet
leaving the air around him clean
like a walk by the sea-shore

cleansed by the listening sight
of a world full of unwritten poems

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (2)

This is just lovely, Michael. Your metaphors are remarkably refreshing -.
Well, at least it didn't take this gentleman 72 YEARS to find his poetry! ! : -) A sweet and gentle piece of writing with some cracking lines, not least of which being the final two. See you tomorrow (assuming you've reminded me of the name of the hotel in time!) Smiling at you, Gina.